How Do I Inject Wegovy?

May 30, 2023

Since Wegovy is a self-injected drug, your first time taking the medication can be a little intimidating. Here are the steps to take to ensure you do it right!

1. First inspect the prefilled syringe and needle, called the pen:

  • Check that the medication is Wegovy
  • Check that the dose on the pen is what your doctor has prescribed for you
  • Ensure the expiration date has not passed
  • Look at the liquid inside—it should be clear and colorless

2. Choose your injection site. If self-injecting, this can be on the lower abdomen or upper thigh. If someone else is giving the injection, the site can be the lower abdomen, upper thigh, or upper arm. Clean the injection site with an alcohol pad or soap and water.

3. Remove the cap from the pen. You will not actually see the needle inside. Align the pen to your body so that you can see the window. Press the bottom of the pen onto your skin—you should hear a click. Next, you’ll see the yellow bar start moving and you’ll hear a second click. If you do not see the yellow bar, press more firmly. Hold the pen onto your skin until the yellow bar stops moving, then slowly remove the pen.

Note: Compared to other injectable GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic, Wegovy is a single-use pen and should be discarded into a sharps container when done.

For more information, visit the Wegovy website.

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