Can Mounjaro Be Prescribed for Weight Loss?

June 29, 2023

Mounjaro (tirzepatide) is a type 2 diabetes drug that also helps diabetes patients lose weight—but can it be prescribed just for weight loss?


Can Mounjaro be prescribed for weight loss?


Mounjaro (tirzepatide) is clinically proven to cause significant weight loss in patients taking the medication and therefore is often prescribed to those with obesity or excess weight. The creator of Mounjaro is currently seeking the FDA’s stamp of approval for marketing the drug solely for weight loss purposes, but if your doctor determines that it is medically appropriate for you to take Mounjaro for weight loss, they can prescribe it to you just for that purpose.


How does Mounjaro work?


Mounjaro works by two mechanisms. It slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach (called gastric emptying) so that patients feel full longer, and it lowers production of glucagon, a hormone that increases appetite. 


How is Mounjaro taken?


Mounjaro is injected once a week under the skin by the patient. It is injected into the fat tissue of the abdomen or thigh. Where it is injected to is not related to where the weight loss will occur because the medication has central effects, not local effects. It comes in a prefilled syringe called a pen. 


How much does Mounjaro cost?


The price of this drug is about $1,000 for 4 pens, or one month’s supply. To find the least expensive pharmacy near you, and obtain a coupon, visit the GoodRX Mounjaro page. 


How can I get a prescription for Mounjaro?


Mounjaro is a prescription drug that can be obtained only with the approval of a licensed physician or other licensed prescriber. QuickMD can prescribe this medication online via telemedicine—when medically appropriate.


Interested in Mounjaro for weight loss? Talk with a QuickMD doctor to see if taking Mounjaro is a good option for you.

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