Tips for Travel Medications

April 1, 2023

When traveling, it is good to be prepared as illness can strike at any time—especially when in a foreign country. International travel exposes us to new people, new environments, and new kinds of food that our stomachs aren’t used to. So, it’s important to think about conditions you may encounter, such as motion sickness, and possible infectious diseases, like malaria or traveler’s diarrhea.

What medications should I pack in my travel pharmacy?

  • Nausea medication like Zofran (ondansetron)
  • Diarrhea medication like loperamide (available over the counter)
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Traveler’s diarrhea medication like ciprofloxacin (which is an antibiotic)
  • Malaria prophylaxis (e.g., Malerone)
  • Melatonin to help with jetlag (especially when crossing several time zones)

Here are a few more helpful considerations when traveling:

  • Do not pack your medications in checked baggage. It is much too easy for checked bags to get lost, particularly during seasons of heavy travel, so keep them in a carry-on container.
  • Liquid medications are allowed on flights in carry-on containers, but you must notify the TSA agent that you are carrying medically necessary liquid medication. (Liquids should be filled to the top of the container, so that expanding air cannot cause spillage).
  • Leave your medications in their original containers, with their prescription labels. Your pillbox might be cuter, but inspectors like to see prescriptions, particularly when you cross international borders.
  • Photograph each of your prescriptions with a cell phone or laptop that you will be taking with you. That way if you need a refill or lose your medications, you will have a precise description to give a physician.
  • If you need a refill or lose your medications while traveling in the USA, have a trusted telemedicine app installed on your phone. QuickMD can send a replacement medication to the nearest pharmacy.

Where can I get travel medications prescribed?

QuickMD can prescribe any of the above mentioned travel prescriptions to you, depending on your individual needs and your particular destination. Talk to a doctor now and get your prescriptions in minutes, sent directly to your pharmacy of choice.

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