Let’s Celebrate Women’s TeleHealth This Spring

Written by Michael Ashley
March 28, 2023

Written by Michael Ashley, March 28, 2023

“Surely, there’s a better way to take care of myself.” 

Practically every female patient has said this. They’re (rightly) frustrated by having to navigate a labyrinth of scheduling nightmares, jumping through endless hoops to receive treatment for common health concerns. Now for the good news: These annoyances can now be things of the past—thanks to telemedicine. A medical game changer in women’s health, it offers an easier way to achieve healthy outcomes whether women are busy running businesses, their households, or both. 

First, let’s ask why attaining quality female healthcare can be so difficult. To begin with, some American women live in a healthcare desert where they struggle to locate a physician. Also, much of the focus in this area tends to center on lack of available maternity care, but if a pregnant woman can’t find a convenient OB-GYN to assist her through a pregnancy, what hope does she have when facing typical gynecological health concerns? 

Of course, there are many American women who don’t have to worry about living in healthcare deserts. Still, they face their own set of challenges in attaining the best care that fits within their busy schedules. Just because there are many doctors in your area doesn’t mean the right doctor is available. Women deserve doctors who care about their health, who aren’t rushing from patient to patient to pay off the exorbitant cost of their brick-and-mortar offices. 

This is true for general practitioners and every specialty of course, but doubly so when women have health issues concerning reproduction—one of the most private and stressful aspects of a woman’s overall health. Also, even if a woman has the right doctor available nearby, they may face another battle to even reach the physician. This struggle can include scheduling, taking time off work, and/or making childcare arrangements.

QuickMD is happy to announce there’s a much better way for women to improve their health. The answer is telemedicine. So, how does QuickMD help women avoid so many healthcare traps and the perils of non-patient-centered care? We tailor our services around our patients, instead of expecting them to drop everything to fit our schedule—like so many legacy providers do.

In fact, telemedicine enables women to select doctors from a much broader area, instead of making them choose from a few local providers. Also, QuickMD patients can schedule an appointment for a convenient time or join a virtual waiting room to see a doctor immediately. Whether a woman works full-time while managing her household or is a stay-at-home mom, the new “exam room” may be thought of as any private space with an internet connection—not an inconvenient office across town.

Interested in our services? QuickMD can treat a wide variety of women’s health concerns through telemedicine, and our list continues to grow. For example, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are perfectly suited for treatment via telemedicine. QuickMD also treats vaginal infections, including yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and bacterial vaginosis (BV). QuickMD physicians can address contraception concerns, including oral contraceptive pill (OCP) refills. And when tests are required to confirm a diagnosis, telehealth physicians coordinate with lab services to make assessments as convenient as possible.

QuickMD doctors will also sometimes advise patients to seek in-person treatment. This gives our patients the peace of mind that they aren’t wasting their time by going through the trouble of seeing a doctor in person. But to understand just how beneficial telemedicine can be to women’s health, consider how much time and stress can be saved by learning the story of a typical patient we’ll call Susan.

Susan is in her mid-30’s. She works as a marketing professional while raising two kids. Susan can recognize symptoms of a urinary tract infection as she has had several before. When she worriedly tells a coworker she may have to take off time to see a doctor, her colleague suggests a different option—QuickMD.

Susan logs into the virtual waiting room the next day. Immediately, she is seen by a member of QuickMD’s expert team of caring physicians, one of whom who walks her through her symptoms and history. The physician then diagnoses the UTI Susan suspected she was suffering from before prescribing appropriate medication to her nearest pharmacy. Susan feels much better just a day after taking her first dose. Even better, she’s on the road to recovery without needlessly stressing her life, career, and childcare arrangements—all at a price much lower than legacy healthcare providers.

By providing world-class care to suit our patients’ lives—without requiring them to drop everything to get what they need—QuickMD celebrates women’s health this Spring. We also wish to support women by enabling our growing pool of female physicians to achieve meaningful career success with a healthier work-life balance. If you face a health issue and want to learn how telemedicine can help without raising your stress level, talk to a QuickMD telemedicine doctor today. And if you are a physician interested in joining QuickMD and the telemedicine women’s healthcare revolution, please contact our team here.

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