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(keywords: chargeback, charge back) 

When a chargeback of a visit occurs the patient needs to be blacklisted (add patient name to blacklist document, and put admin note into patient’s profile). Patients will also receive an email that they are now banned from using our services.  

If a patient makes a follow up appointment despite having been blacklisted for chargebacks 

  1. Cancel their appointment and email them why 
  2. If they used their own credit card (not a friend’s credit card) do not refund that visit. If they use someone else’s card, refund them 
  3. If they are apologetic and remorseful, we can consider letting them book another appointment with us, however, only if  
    1. the card it is being booked with belongs to the patient and  
    2. if the patient agrees to pay an extra visit as a penalty. Meaning they will have to book an additional appointment. This penalty is due to our administrative cost of contesting the chargeback, in addition to the uncertain outcome which takes months–EVEN if the patient went to their bank to reverse it, we will not know of the outcome for months 
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