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Doctors’ Notes

Doctor’s notes we are able to provide: 

  • Excuse from work (should not be more than a week, unless it’s for COVID symptoms, in that case up to 14 days as the delta variant can be infectious up to 14 days) 
  • Return to work/school notes, work clearance notes (usually after missing work, note clears patient to return to work) 
  • Documentation of Recovery (allows patients to fly to the USA from abroad with a positive COVID test, per the CDC regulations, IF they are quarantined for at least 10 days. Note that many airlines have stricter rules than the CDC and may not accept this note, have patient inquire directly with their airline) 
    • DOR is a doctor’s note which is intended for international travelers trying to return to the USA by flight with a positive COVID test if the patient has successfully ended self-quarantine, as per the CDC requirements: for most people this will be after 10 days, but to be more specific, the CDC allows end of self-quarantine and eligibility to travel under the following conditions: 
      • 10 days since official positive covid test (updated May 2022) QMD Policy: not from start of symptoms
      • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and 
      • Other COVID-related symptoms are getting better 
      • Patient must be seen within 90 days of test result date 
      • Base DOR off of collection date 
  • Fit to fly note (usually meant for travelers to Thailand), not to be confused with the ‘Documentation of Recovery’. Fit to Fly notes just state that a patient was not exposed to COVID, has no COVID related symptoms 
  • MAT doctors note excusing absences should not exceed 3 business days 
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