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Insurance Reimbursement Documents

(keywords: insurance reimbursement, reimbursing, submitting) 

Patients who want to submit documents to their insurance provider to get re-imbursed for a visit usually need some additional information from us: 

Please add the following info as an addendum to the consultation report: 

  • ICD 10 code F11.10 (for opioid patients), for non opioid patients please google the diagnosis followed by ‘ICD-10’ to find out what the diagnostic code is 
  • CPT code: 99203 for first-time visits, and 99213 for all subsequent visits. Both ICD-10 code and CPT code have a dedicated field for it under addendum. 
  • Add the following information into the free-text field under ‘plan’: 

Once all the information has been added, the note can either be directly downloaded by the patient using a web browser (not the app), or if the patient has difficulty with this, we can download it for them and email them.  

If they ask for a cost breakdown, we can provide them with the payment receipt (which they should have received by email at the time of the consultation) for professional doctor’s services. But we do not have any cost breakdown.  

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