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Integrity With Referral Sources

Anti-Kickback Laws: The federal Anti-Kickback Law prohibits individuals and organizations, like QuickMD from knowingly or willfully offering or paying, directly or indirectly, any form of remuneration in return for, or to induce, the referral of any patient or business that is covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal or any other federal or state health care financing program. Remuneration includes kickbacks, bribes or rebates. Similarly, the California Anti-Kickback law prohibits individuals and organizations from offering or paying, directly or indirectly, any form of remuneration as compensation or inducement for referring patients, clients or customers to our facilities regardless of the payor. If one purpose or reason for a financial transaction or arrangement with an individual or organization is to induce that individual or organization to refer patients or business to QuickMD LLC, or to recommend the services of either organization, then such transaction or arrangement constitutes a violation of the anti-kickback laws. All agreements involving patient referral sources, including physicians, hospitals, ambulance services, managed care organizations and other health care organizations and service providers, must be reviewed and approved by the Medical Director of QuickMD LLC prior to execution. All providers working for QuickMD LLC must be in compliance with the anti-kickback laws at all times. 

Physician Self-Referral Law: We conduct all of our business practices with physicians in conformity with the federal Physician Self-Referral or “Stark” Law. The Stark Law prohibits referrals for certain Medicare items and services furnished by an organization with which the referring physician, or his or her immediate family member, has a financial relationship, unless a specific legal exception applies. It is a violation of our Physician Referral Stark Law Compliance Policy and other organizational policies for us to enter into arrangements with or accept referrals from physicians that would violate the Stark Law. All QuickMD providers are required to immediately report all known or suspected violations of any of these policies to the Medical Director that will forward it to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

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