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Pharmacies/Mail Order Pharmacies

Honeybee Health (Code: QUICKMD)

Subutex and suboxone

RXNT Pharmacy Address:


3515 Helms Avenue,

Culver City, CA 90232

Shipping Policy:

Licensed States:

CLICK HERE to see which states they deliver controlled substances to


Generic Suboxone tablets: TBD – honeybee pharmacist will confirm by May 10, 2022

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs):

·  QuickMD typically sends prescriptions same-day — within an hour or less of completion of the consultation. If a patient chooses a different pharmacy and runs into access issues, the time from the consultation to when the Rx is sent to Honeybee could be 1-3 days.

·  Honeybee’s partner SLA for prescriptions sent to us and patient completed checkout before 1 pm PST will ship same-day. Orders completed after 1 pm will ship the following day.

Honeybee does not accept insurance

Standardized Sigs (Questionnaire)

·  When possible, Honeybee prefers the use of standardized sig templates to help ensure there are no delays when processing prescriptions on our side. Of course in some instances, this isn’t possible based on the provider. As prescriptions start coming through, if there are any tweaks to the sig, Honeybee will reach out.


·  Honeybee Patient Support

  • 833-466-3979

·  Honeybee/QMD support via shared slack channel

·  Pharmacists will reach out to QMD Providers directly if needed

·  Zendesk ticket form to patients must include “Contact QuickMD with any questions/concerns at

Script Details (the following info to be included as appropriate)


·  NPI

·  License # to Ship To state (unless under waiver)

·  Last patient visit date

·  Diagnosis Code (in comments/notes): QUICK_4HW7

·  If a prescription is written on the outer edge limits of normal prescribing, please include medical reasoning

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