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Medical Records

Accurate and up-to-date medical records are key protect both the QuickMD physician and the patient. QuickMD providers will be insured by ‘Beazley Virtual Care’ (Policy# W2DC24210101) and their policy includes the appropriate prescribing of buprenorphine through telemedicine in accordance with all the state and federal rules and regulations.  

Even if the outcome is less than optimal, thorough records protect the provider as well as the patient. QuickMD physicians who treat patients for addiction must observe the special confidentiality requirements of federal law 42 CFR, Part 2, which addresses the confidentiality of patients being treated for alcohol or drug addiction. 42 CFR includes a prohibition against release of records or other information without the patient’s consent or a valid court order, or in cases of a bona fide medical emergency, or in the course of mandatory reporting of child abuse. And like with all QuickMD consultations, the HIPAA laws have to be adhered to under all circumstances.  

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