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Medications/Treatment of Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

In hopes of better serving every patient, we have detailed some signs/symptoms of detox derived from common complaints from our patients as well as common treatments used to aid in relieving them. (see list below) Adding these adjunct treatments aid in the overall goal of independence from detox medications and the welfare of each patient. 

When detoxing from drugs or alcohol the body goes through a process that can affect several necessary functions and systems. Those signs occur quite rapidly after stopping the substance, sometimes within hours depending on what type of substance was being used. To help patients lower their dependency on Suboxone and Subutex they also need adjunct treatment to help them with the detox process. Here are some signs to be aware of: 

Signs/Symptoms of
Opioid Withdrawal
Common Adjunct Treatments for Symptom Relief
ADHD– atomoxetine (if insured)
– clonidine
– guanfacine
Agitation– buspirone
– olanzapine
– quetiapine
Alcohol Withdrawal– gabapentin
– naltrexone
– thiamine and folic acid
– topiramate
Anxiety– buspirone
– clonidine (rapid HR)
– hydroxyzine hcl or pamoate
– quetiapine
Appetite (changes or loss of)– cyproheptadine
Body Pain– diclofenac
– gabapentin (start low and titrate if needed)
– methocarbamol
– Mobic
Cravings– clonidine
Depression– escitalopram
– fluoxetine (weight neutral)
– sertraline
– trazodone
Diarrhea– imodium
Fatigue– atomoxetine
– vitamin b12 and d
Insomnia– amitriptyline
– hydroxyzine pamoate
– olanzapine
– trazodone
Leg Cramps/RLS– pramipexole
Migraine– Imitrex
– topiramate
Nausea/Vomiting– hydroxyzine
– meclizine
– ondansetron
Tremors– pramipexole
– propranolol

***All of these medications are covered to some degree by insurance as they are all generic drugs. For those without insurance, all of these medications are very affordable ranging from $12 to $24 for 30 tablets (30 -day supply). We hope you consider these adjunct treatments to aid your patients in their detox journey. 

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