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Oxygen Prescriptions

(keyword: oxygen concentrator prescription) 

For Restiffic prescriptions, please send to

Oxygen prescriptions are to be sent directly to the oxygen supply store the patient chooses. Doctor’s are supposed to request the creation and sending of Oxygen prescriptions directly with the doctor’s notes assistants ( ), but you can initiate this request this as well (usually via slack to whoever is on-call for doctor’s notes currently).  

Prescriptions should not be sent directly to the patient, even as reference, as there is a theoretical risk that the patient can keep on using it for different stores. If the patient insists they want a copy, we can send them a copy that includes the text “PATIENT COPY – Not a valid Rx”. 

To fax a prescription to a medical supply store, please compose a new email from the account, delete the body/footer of the email and attach the prescription to the email as PDF format. After that send it to (the “1” indication the country code USA followed by the fax number). 

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