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Pain Management

QuickMD is not a Pain Mgt Group but many of our patients have chronic pain conditions.

However, it is reasonable to offer a short-term course of a higher Suboxone or Zubsolv daily dose. Please remind the patient to follow up with GI for appropriate and standard-of-care treatment. Identifying the patient’s triggers and establishing stability(no progression of the disease) is important to emphasize to the patient.

Please document the medical reasoning for prescribing the higher than usual daily dose, the patient was counseled that the increased dosage was short term such as 30 days, and document the dose that the patient requests and has tolerated well in the past. You may also want to write a brief note that the increased dose is a short-term pain mgt plan in the “Alert” section of the chart.

Thank you for caring about our patients’ treatment and safety.

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