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Patient Tech Issues

Issue Possible Issue / Solution 
System does not recognize my email address We either deactivated the user (e.g. duplicate accounts) or the user signed up with an incorrect email address (e.g. → search for patient’s name, fix the email address, reset password for patient → inform patient of their active account 
Doctor is not joining my video call Patient is likely staring at their selfie video in the video and audio test screen of the app. They have to click “done” and then proceed to the intake form and then the waiting room 
Not accepting my credit card We are using one of the largest payment processors in the world ( and if a payment is not cleared then either the credit card does not have the funds, or the card information is incorrect or there is a mismatch like wrong billing address and zip code. Instruct patient to use their own card, enter the correct billing address and zip code. Prepaid debit/credit cards also cause issues sometimes.  
Doctor cannot connect to patient (patient appears offline) Instruct the patient (preferably by text) to close the app completely, then re-open it, and go back into the waiting room. From there the patient should not navigate away from the screen to avoid being disconnected again.  
Cannot update / change patient demographics in my account (e.g. phone number, address, etc) This is not possible to update via app. The patient needs to log into their account using a browser (not the app) 
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