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Pharmacy Changes for MAT Patients

(keywords: pharmacy change switching) 

Pharmacy changes for controlled substances (particularly Suboxone due to the associated stigma) may result in red flags in the prescription monitoring program (PMP) of patients and subsequently pharmacies not wanting to dispense the medication for the patient. Therefore patients need to have a legitimate reason to switch pharmacies. These include: 

  • significant financial harm from staying to the old pharmacy 
  • The medication is backordered, or not in stock for at least 2-3 days 
  • Pharmacy refuses telemedicine prescription (but first we need to attempt to reason with the pharmacy: we follow all state and federal laws, the DEA not just allows by encourages telemedicine for MAT, we do random drug testing, etc) 
  • Patient moved to a new location → patient needs to be informed that no furhter switches are possible, and we do not provide “travel prescriptions” for suboxone 
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