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QMD Medical Group – Medical Group Oversight Committee Policy

QuickMD Medical Group (“Medical Group”) shall maintain an Oversight Committee, chaired by 

the Medical Group’s shareholder or another properly licensed designee that provides health care 

services on behalf of Medical Group, which shall meet no less frequently than one time per 

quarter to review and address specific incidents related to the following and to ensure that 

policies are created and implemented with respect to each topic: 

1. Patient and employee complaints and grievances. 

2. Provider suspensions, terminations and appeals. 

3. Quality of care issues. 

4. Utilization reports (e.g., # of members, diagnosis types, etc.). 

5. Business development activities. 

The Oversight Committee’s quarterly meetings shall also include a review of Medical Group’s 

policies and procedures and the conduct of Medical Group staff (and QuickMD’s actions as 

applicable) to confirm that the following acts and responsibilities are undertaken only by 

appropriately licensed personnel: 

1. Determining what diagnostic tests are appropriate for a particular condition. 

2. Determining the need for referrals to, or consultation with, another medical 


3. Determining the need for, quantity, type and appropriateness of any prescriptions a 

medical provider deems medically appropriate for a patient. 

4. Responsibility for the ultimate overall care of the patient, including treatment options 

available to the patient. 

5. Determining how many patients a medical provider must see in a given period of time or 

how many hours a medical provider must work. 

6. Owning, controlling, and retaining patients’ medical records, including determining the 

contents thereof. 

7. Selecting, hiring/firing (as it relates to clinical competency or proficiency) of providers, 

allied health staff and medical assistants. 

8. Setting the parameters under which the Medical Group will enter into contractual 

relationships with third-party payers. 

9. Making decisions regarding coding and billing procedures for patient care services. 

10. Approving of the selection of medical equipment and medical supplies for the medical 


11. Ensuring that all requirements set forth in the Bylaws are adhered to, including but not 

limited to ensuring that all officer vacancies are filled and that appropriate minutes are 

taken for all meetings. 

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