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Refund Eligibility / Ineligibility

Refund Eligibility  (Web view

Refund Ineligibility  (Web view

As per our website we refund patients if we cannot help them (they are requesting a medication we cannot provide, or a doctor’s note for mask exemption etc.). It is your responsibility to assess early on in the consultation if a patient requests something we cannot provide and then inform the patient and dismiss the visit.  

In some instances it is not always apparent within the first 3 minutes that a patient wants something we cannot provide. In those circumstances, still let the patient and staff know that we will refund the patient, but also that you had a full consultation with that patient, so that you will get paid for it. Dismissed patients with less than <3 minute consultation times generally will result in no reimbursement.  

Once a patient has received their service from us (doctor’s note, prescription was picked up, etc), they are not eligible for a refund any longer. A patient violating their treatment agreement (e.g. we find out at the end of the consultation in their Rx history that they have been prescribed opioids by a different provider) are also not eligible for a refund (but of course the provider will get paid for the work/consultation they had). 

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