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Refund Ineligibility

Instances where we do not refund the pt: 

  • MAT patients violating the treatment agreement (e.g. they had a doctor’s consultation, received an Rx, but then it turns out they were ‘double-dipping’ and getting opioid Rx from other providers). Even if we cancel the Rx, the patient is not eligible for a refund because they had the consultation, and violating the treatment agreement is on the patient.  
  • Doctor’s notes not being accepted (we can consider refunding if the patients provide proof) 
  • Treatment was not working (unfortunately that’s part of medicine, not all treatments are equally effective but since consultation rendering professional services happened, no refund) 
  • If a patient books MAT consultation without updating their home address to their new state (please note just 1 move is allowed per year, no travel Rx for MAT patients). Since we have to pay the doctor for the consultation, we will have to insist that the patient pays for the visit due to their mistake and has to book another consultation after updating their home address. The only way we can refund these patients is if we cancel the treatment agreement with them indefinitely. At the most we can offer a $35 fee refund of their initial visit as a courtesy. But the patient will have to book and fully pay their appointment after updating (or having us update) their address. Please also let pt know that they cannot change the home state more than once every 6 months (we do not provide MAT travel Rx) 

As per our website we refund patients if we cannot help them (they are requesting a medication we cannot provide, or a doctor’s note for mask exemption etc.). It is your responsibility to assess early on in the consultation if a patient requests something we cannot provide and then inform the patient and dismiss the visit.  

In some instances it is not always apparent within the first 3 minutes that a patient wants something we cannot provide. In those circumstances, still let the patient and staff know that we will refund the patient, but also that you had a full consultation with that patient, so that you will get paid for it. Dismissed patients with less than <3 minute consultation times generally will result in no reimbursement.  

Once a patient has received their service from us (doctor’s note, prescription was picked up, etc), they are not eligible for a refund any longer. A patient violating their treatment agreement (e.g. we find out at the end of the consultation in their Rx history that they have been prescribed opioids by a different provider) are also not eligible for a refund (but of course the provider will get paid for the work/consultation they had). 

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