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Replacing Rx that was already picked up

Note: Once a patient picks up the Rx they accept that prescription. 

However, if it truly is a provider error or the patient is experiencing an adverse reaction, we can consider replacing switching from Suboxone to Subutex or from tabs to films.

  1. VAs will inform/confirm with the provider :
    • If the prescribing provider is ok with sending a new Rx if the patient is complaining about their current Rx due to adverse effects, ex: from tabs to films or from Suboxone to Subutex.
    • If it is a provider error when the previous Rx and Hx is Subutex but they sent suboxone, VAs will inform providers that the patient already picked up Rx and the Hx.
    • VAs will inform the provider, that they will obtain video proof first from patient before they can send the new RX or replacement.
  2. Once approved by the provider, VA will send instructions to the patient on where to properly dispose of the wrong Rx with video proof.
  3. Once VAs receive video proof, only then will they prompt the provider to send the new Rx.
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