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Requirements to Work for QuickMD

  • Minimum 8 hours of being on call per week (averaged over the month) 
  • base pay is $30/consultation (on average 7 mins length, range 2-15 minutes). 
  • to receive the high-incentive reimbursement of $35/consultation you need to make yourself available for 10 hours hours per week, averaged over the entire month.. If you are in the high-incentive reimbursements, a few email follow-ups per shift need to be done for patients asking follow up questions. 
  • if you fall below that, your pay will fall back to base pay of $30/consultation for that month 
  • If a patient asks for a refund, you will still get paid for that encounter and QuickMD will cover the loss with the exception in cases where we it is immediately clear that we are unable to help a patient (e.g. chest pain that we refer to the ED, asking for refill of controlled substances) and no real consultation ever happened.  
  • active medical license in at least one state and active DEA 
  • high-speed internet connection with at least 8 Mbps download speed, 2 Mbps upload  
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