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Screening & Testing Policy

  • STDs 
    • Testing Policy for Suspected STDs: The CDC recommends treating potential STD patients (symptomatic or exposed) empirically even in the absence of lab results. Requiring STD testing leads to a high rate of patients not being treated– particularly with lower-income patients. Our policy is therefore (as other one-time direct-to-consumer telemedicine services like PlushCare etc) not to require testing unless the symptoms are atypical.    
  • Urine Screens 
    • Urine Tox Request  (Web view
    • Urine Screens for MAT Patients: If you feel drug testing is warranted with any patient, let the staff know and we will coordinate (for patients living in rural areas, we even offer a home-test kit that utilizes the patient’s DNA to confirm identity of the sample). However, note that we do not withhold prescriptions for drug testing as testing takes sometimes up to a week to get done which will cause unnecessary suffering for our patients. If a patient lies to you or you feel uncomfortable prescribing to this patient, let the staff know and we will refund them and let them know they need to see a local doctor. In cases where you feel they need a urine drug test, let the staff know and we will make it a requirement for next visit, without taking their prescription “hostage,” and risking a relapse.  

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