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Townhall Notes & Archives (next Townhall – 2/21/23)

Feb 09, 2022

Pear Therapeutics – PearConnect HCP Portal reSET-O and Pear.MD  

Clinician Dashboard reSET 

  • Presentation by Jamie Pacheco and Jennifer Hartman 
  • QuickMD collaborates with Pear 

What is Pear Therapeutics 

  • Software that is used to treat disease 
  • Opioid addiction management
    • Check-ins 
    • Prescriptions 
    • Self-education – lessons for users 
  • reSET vs reSET-O
    • reSET-O – prescriptions for opioids addiction treatment (opioid use disorder) 
    • reSET – for substance use disorder 

Pear Therapeutics Q&A 

  • What is the cost?
    • 1800 USD/12 week prescription for patients who earn more than 85k USD/year 
    • Insurance companies are starting to cover this for lower-income patients 
  • How long is the prescription active?
    • 12 week prescription (3 refills) 
  • How do patients receive the digital scripts?
    • Initial text message with access code → link → redeem access code 

Zendesk Migration Update 

  • HIPAA compliant ticketing system 


  • Does our support team have any suggestions about work flow, such as our texts as providers to them?
    • Will be shared during trainings 
  • Will there be screen with all scheduled patients so we don’t have to “hunt” the patient in the app
    • Yes – in the visits list (upcoming visits and past visits) 
  • Will it have the fit-to-fly (documentation of recovery)?
    • Yes 
    • We do not recognize home-tests (recognized: PCR, antigen done by lab) 
  • How to give access to reSET-O to patients?
    • Link to the app will be in the post-visit email 
  • How to get a receipt from QuickMD so patients can claim the cost at the insurance company?
    • Everyone gets payment receipt 
    • However, only patients with private insurance companies can claim 
    • Insurance is often giving patients credit to their annual deductible

Mar 08, 2022


  • Through Zendesk, patients’ can contact us 
  • Not used for internal communication (between providers and product)
    • For internal communication, please use:  
    • (213-536-7722) is for our notes team who creates doctor’s notes for you 
    • (727-275-0579) for anything really that is patient care related, like rebookings, difficult patients etc 

Software migration update 

  • System most likely offline March 19-20 due to the migration to new software 

Insurance update 

  • Lot of information for insurance is needed 
  • Plan to implement insurance in the product in next few months 

Q&A, comments 

  1. When can we prescribe 32mg buprenorphine?
    • We do not want lot of patients on such dose 
    • Some cases, 32mg can be justified – high body weight, extreme stress 
    • Patients sometimes miss the appointment, lie about reasons etc. 
    • Pharmacies and government check what is prescribed and when 
  2. What to do when a patient does not come back monthly?
    • Urine drug screen?  
    • But do not decline a Suboxone refill if patient did not have labs completed 
  3. When to do induction?
    • If we are new providers, it is easier for pharmacies to give out prescription that is one-week even though  
    • When patient changes pharmacy, comes from different state, was buying off-the-streat 
  4. Two visit types for suboxone? One for refill (shorter, 5 mins) one for new patients
    • System can create new visit types 
  5. Intake forms
    • Phone consultation – patient need to do intake form immediately when they book the appointment 
  6. Scheduling
    • Do not cancel shifts last minute, treat telehealth as real hospital so other doctors are not overwhelmed by taking your canceled appointments 
    • Would be good to have a heads-up before other doctor cancels their shift 
  7. Micro-dosing for patients on fentanyl
    • Fentanyl stays in system for quite a long time, need to wait 2-3 days before prescribing buprenorphine 
    • Lower dose to transition is the way to go and gradually increase the dose 
    • We will send out protocol that is working for some doctors 
    • There are overlapping protocols for transition but best practice might be to tell patients to go 2-3 days without the previous drug before transitioning  
  8. Subutex vs. Suboxone
    • Discussed during 1st townhall 
    • Generally subutex should not be prescribed instead of suboxone 
    • Risk with people on subutex can potentially sell the medication –. Indicate in the comment section for pharmacist why are we prescribing subutex 
    • Suboxone should be tried first and then eventually subutex if severe side-effects 
    • Some states and pharmacies out right won’t prescribe it without clear documentation of true allergy 
    • Subutex is also preferred in pregnant patients
      • Although, it is safe to prescribe both 
    • Patients ask for Subutex for cost reasons – this should not be considered as a good reason (offer pharmacy coupons etc. that make suboxone more accessible) 
  9. Requests to change pharmacies
    • Patient repeatedly request pharmacy change (because first pharmacy didn’t have the drug in stock, second pharmacy then didn’t accept telehealth prescriptions) 
    • We shouldn’t switch pharmacies except for legitimate reasons

Apr 12, 2022

See March Townhall

May 17, 2022

The Wall Street Journal gave us a shoutout for our wonderful CDC Documentation service. Thank you again for providing such a high quality of care to our stranded patients!

A few doctors have received treatment authorization forms from companies like Cerebral and Klarity, asking us to approve ADHD treatment plans for mutual patients. Please do not sign these and let us know if you receive any authorization requests like these.

We’re up and running with Honeybee Health to provide discounted pricing and free 2-3 day delivery for patients in many of the states we operate in. If your patient is interested in having their suboxone delivered, you can select Honeybee Health in Culver City, CA, as their pharmacy, then include the following in the pharmacist notes line–

XDEA XA123456789 F11.10 Ok to substitute QUICKMD

August 9, 2022

You can watch the meeting recording here: 

Updates to FAQs:

QMD will begin OBAT clinics in various states (possibly: AL, AR, NH, MT, RI, DE, ND, AK)

Visits are NOT recorded

No longer Rx Subutex in TN and VA as of 7/28/22

Will possibly transition to TREAT in September 2022

Policy Clarifications

  1. Visit type for suboxone induction vs f/up
  2. Physician Guidelines –
  3. UDS Requirement update –
  4. Patients report they are restricted from making appts in advance more than 2 weeks. Are patients able to access Provider availability 2-3 months ahead of time?
    1. Pts can book as far out as there are shifts
    2. Pts cannot bundle 1st visit with follow up visit
  5. Insurance prior auth
    1. Can tell patients the timeline will take about 1-3 business days

October 11, 2022

You can watch the meeting recording here:

December 13, 2022

You can watch the meeting recording here:

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