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Urine Tox Request

When is it appropriate to request a urine tox (utox, drug screen, drug test) study for a patient? 

  • For existing patients: unless the patient did something egregious (opioid prescriptions from other providers, for which we usually end the treatment agreement if they have not informed us before), we generally do not take the prescription “hostage” and prescribe the next month of Suboxone/buprenorphine (these tests sometimes take up to a week to get done, depending on how far the patient needs to drive). Just let the staff know ( or text: 727-275-0579 so we can arrange for urine drug testing and make a note in the patient’s profile)  
  • For new patients, we can generally send the first week Rx, and as per your discretion, make it a requirement to have the Utox results for their follow up appointment. If, in your clinical judgement, you feel uncomfortable prescribing to the patient, then it is usually best to inform the patient that they will likely need to see an in person doctor, and inform the staff, so we can refund the patient. We do not want a scenario where we are waiting for a Utox for a week, and then staff pinging you about a consultation of a week ago to send an Rx in such a delayed fashion. 
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