If you are experiencing issues connecting to your appointment due to a U.S. wide cellular service outage, please reach out to our Customer Care team. They can assist you in rescheduling.

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No Insurance

While QuickMD does not currently accept health insurance, we are committed to offering our patients high-quality services at affordable prices. 

QuickMD visits can get reimbursed with most major insurances, but this is subject to your deductible. If your deductible has not yet been met, you may not have all of your expenses reimbursed and you will be responsible for the full visit cost.

Weight Loss patients should note that QuickMD does not process prior authorizations for weight loss medications (prescribed under our Weight Loss Basic Tier), unless you have a diagnosis and documentation of Type II diabetes. Weight loss medications prescribed under the Weight Loss Plus or Select tier are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.