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Questions about ordering labs…

How does 'ordering my own labs' work?

The process is 100% confidential, quick and simple:
1. Add the desired discounted labs into your cart and simply pay by credit card
2. After we confirm the order with LabCorp (usually on the same day) you will receive an email with the ‘Order Sheet Confirmation’ which you then may take to your nearest California LabCorp Diagnostics Location to get the tests done (make sure your desired location offers that particular test).
3. As soon as we receive the results from LabCorp, our doctors will review them and forward them to you. If there are any concerning findings, we will let you know and let you know which next steps to take. If you need any further treatment (e.g. antibiotics for STDs) you may click here to either immediately speak to a QuickMD physician or make an appointment. We can then send any needed prescription(s) to your pharmacy in minutes.

Are the labs truly discounted?

Yes. Offering access to affordable and convenient healthcare to our patients is a priority to us. We worked hard to negotiate a special volume discount with our partnerLabCorp for QuickMD customers, which allows us to offer you these affordable cheap lab prices to you (some are as much as 80% reduced compared to the standard prices). These are the cheapest online labs that can be found currently. Should you find a cheaper DYI lab offer, please let us know and we will match that price and refund you the difference.

How will I receive my results?

You will receive your results by email shortly after Quest reports them to us and after our doctors were able to review them. In more urgent cases of abnormal findings we will also contact you by phone (make sure you can be reached under the phone number you provide). Our doctors will review all results and provide guidance in case there are any concerning findings.
Please note: Not all lab abnormalities are consequential and our doctors will only provide you with individual recommendations if these findings are significant. Please note that this service does not replace the need to have a primary care provider and to discuss all results with them. And if you would like a dedicated consultation with one of our experts doctors, please click here to see a doctor now.

What if my results show something abnormal or concerning?

Our doctors will review all of your results and if there are any concerning findings they will not only forward you the results, but also give you guidance on what the next steps should be. If you need a prescription or a full consultation following your results, please click here to instantly talk with a QuickMD doctor, or make an appointment to connect to us by phone, video or chat whenever it works best for you; if needed we can send any prescriptions directly to your pharmacy, ready to pick up in minutes. Consultations are only $75 each.

How long does it take to get the results?

Standard labs usually take around 1-2 business days to result if the results are normal. Abnormal tests (which may require confirmatory testing) and more advanced tests (e.g. many of the STD tests) usually take about 3 days. For questions about lab turnaround time and when exactly your lab report will be available, please contact your LabCorp Diagnostics location directly, as we have no control over the processing times. We will forward your results to you promptly, as soon as LabCorp sends us the report and one of our doctors reviews it.

Is it confidential to order my own labs?

Yes. Your online lab orders and results will be kept confidential. Please note that most of the time we will contact you by email to forward you your results. Therefore make sure you feel comfortable receiving these results in your email and make sure to not share your email account and password with other people. If you prefer a different method of communication, please let us know.