COVID-19 Antibody. Tests if You Had a Coronavirus Infection & Have Antibodies (+$55 Lab Fee)


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Note: There is an additional on-site lab fee of $55 (however you may use your insurance to cover this fee).

Up to 50% of people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) do not have any symptoms. This test screens for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in your blood which indicates that you were likely exposed to it in the past and therefore have current immunity. In other words it suggests that there is a high likelihood that you enough antibodies in your blood at the moment to not get sick from COVID-19 again.
This will be the most important test in the coming months to help determine who is able to safely go back to work.
Please note that it is unclear at this point if some people might be prone to get sick from the virus more than once and keep in mind that no test is 100% accurate, and there may be a small chance of false positive test results that can occur when someone was exposed to other related respiratory viruses (e.g. HKU1, 229E, NL63, OC43, or 229E).

If you have already had a confirmed COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection (confirmed by laboratory testing) you will likely not need this test.

Please note: this antibody test is not intended to test for past infections with COVID-19, and is not intended to diagnose an ACUTE infection as antibodies take at least 10 days to be detectable in the blood. If you feel you have an acute infection, please self-isolate and call your doctor for advice.

Not eligible for walk-in, this test needs a prior appointment with Quest, which can be made here:

Included Tests

SARS-CoV-2 Serology (COVID-19) Antibody (IgG), Immunoassay Blood Test.

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