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Do Online Telehealth Providers Write Doctor’s Notes?

If you took time off of work for health reasons and your employer is requiring you to provide a doctor’s note, the telemedicine doctor you saw for your illness can provide one electronically. But you should know what info you are required to share with your employer and what info can stay private.

What must a doctor’s note contain?

If your employer requires proof that you took leave for a medical reason, you’ll need to give them a doctor’s note—but you don’t have to reveal all the details of your illness or injury:

  • The 2 most important elements of a doctor’s note are establishing a medical reason for your time off and giving the date (or estimated date range) of the leave already taken and any needed in the future
  • You are not required to submit medical records, and you do not have to tell your employer about your diagnosis, treatment, or details of your illness or injury

Does QuickMD provide doctor’s notes?

Yes. When you have a virtual visit with a QuickMD provider, they can provide you with a doctor’s note or certification that includes justification and timeline for your medical absence. If you qualify for a doctor’s note, it can be emailed to you after your online visit.

Please note that QuickMD providers do not write disability forms, workers’ compensation forms, or exemptions from vaccines or personal protective equipment.

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