Before getting started follow the three steps below (some states do not allow Medicaid patients)

1. Verify that you are located in one of the eligible states

2. Review our FAQ Section

3. Review our Treatment Agreement that all our patients need to abide by

You also agree to receiving emails from QuickMD to your email address and agree to the consent to treatment by telemedicine in the intake form. You also agree to random urine drug screens as per requirements or provider’s discretion. Furthermore, you acknowledge that under no circumstances you can get any other prescriptions for buprenorphine-products or any other opioids from other providers while you are being treated by us, or your treatment will be terminated indefinitely. We never replace lost or stolen medications and we cannot not switch pharmacies once a pharmacy has successfully dispensed your medication. Our mission is to treat our patients with dignity and respect and we ask for the same in return: any disrespectful behavior towards our care team will result in immediate termination of the treatment.

Why Choose QuickMD for Opioid Treatment?


Appointments Available 7 Days a Week

While our appointments fill up quickly, we have addictions specialists working 7 days a week to give you flexibility so your life is not controlled by addiction.


100% Confidential Process

Get treated from the privacy of your home. We know how sensitive it can be to talk about addiction. We are HIPAA compliant and do not share your information to third parties.

We serve most states

QuickMD is the largest TeleMAT service in the United States serving most states and giving access to patients in even the most remote areas that would not have access to MAT otherwise.


Low Cost Suboxone Service

We pride ourselves to be the first remote Medication-Assisted Treatment Service (TeleMAT) in the US–lowering the barrier for patients to seek help and get treated with the gold-standard of opioid addiction treatment.

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