Terms and Conditions – Trio Smart Breath

  • I understand that the online prescriber service is only available to patients in the United States.
  • I understand that my trio-smart sample collection kit will come with a glucose sugar substrate drink and if I wish to use lactulose instead I will be responsible for obtaining a prescription from my own healthcare provider.
  • I understand that I will be notified by email regarding my kit shipment tracking and my test results.
  • I understand the information regarding my symptoms will be forwarded to a licensed healthcare professional for review and approval before receiving my trio-smart sample collection kit. The test approval process is subject to independent determination by the healthcare professional, as not all patients who fill out this form may be approved for a prescription for the test.
  • I understand that a one-time payment for the test will be collected upon ordering. The maximum patient responsibility for trio-smart through the online prescriber service is $319. Along with my results, I will receive an itemized receipt (superbill) for use when filing an insurance claim. If the doctor decides trio-smart is not right for me, I will be notified and issued a refund immediately.
  • I understand that I will have the option to schedule a results interpretation appointment with a licensed healthcare professional to discuss my trio-smart results. I understand the appointment is solely for the purpose of discussing my trio-smart test results; for all other medical questions or services, I will consult with my own doctor or another healthcare professional.