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Questions About Fit-to-Fly Letters

What is a fit-to-fly health certificate?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fit-to-fly health certificates (also known as fit-to-fly letters or medical clearance to fly notes) are sometimes required by airlines and local authorities when flying internationally. These certificates have to be signed by a licensed physician and need to state that the person does not have evidence of any infectious disease or any other condition that may make flying for the passenger or fellow passengers unsafe. A few airlines have a specific form which can be filled out by our doctors. However, most airlines accept the general QuickMD fit-to-fly note.

How much does it cost to get a fit-to-fly letter?

Each QuickMD consultation is only $75, which includes the fit-to-fly certificate (when deemed medically appropriate). Should the doctor be unable to help you, your visit is free.

Will the fit-to-fly note be accepted by airlines?

Telemedicine is considered an integral part of our healthcare system, similar to a regular in-person doctor’s visit. Our doctors are all US-licensed and we specialize in fit-to-fly letters that meet the requirements of various airlines. We have never had a case in which the airline did not accept our letter and should this ever happen your full visit fee will be refunded.

Please note: many airlines require the note to be less than 48 (to 72) hours old at the time of departure. Please inquire directly with your airline regarding their specific requirements.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 PCR test for a fit to fly letter?

Some countries do require a negative COVID-19 PCR test in addition to the fit to fly certificate (e.g. Thailand requires a negative COVID PCR test for non-citizens). However, usually a fit to fly letter does not have to include the COVID results specifically; that is as long as you bring your COVID test result with you, along with the fit to fly certificate. 

If you would like the negative COVID-19 PCR result to be mentioned on the certificate your QuickMD doctor either needs to see proof of it during the video consultation, or you can email us the negative COVID test result before or after the consultation.

How long will it take until I receive the fit-to-fly certificate?

You will receive the fit-to-fly note by email shortly after your consultation–usually within the hour. If needed, it may also be directly sent to the airline.

What if the fit to fly letter is not accepted?

The fit to fly letter is primarily intended for flights to Thailand (Note that this document is different from Documentation of Recovery letters). In fact, the Thai embassy in the US refers their passengers to QuickMD to obtain a fit to fly certificate. In the unlikely event that the fit to fly certificate is not accepted you are eligible for a refund. We are not liable for any other costs associated with a doctor’s note which is not accepted. Please inform yourself before booking the appointment what your travel requirements for each country and airline are.

Can I use my insurance?

You may submit your encounter summary and payment receipt to your insurance and in many cases get reimbursed, but we do not directly accept insurance. 

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