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A QuickMD patient meeting with a counselor
A QuickMD patient meeting with a counselor

Telehealth Counseling

$45 for 30 minute session

4.6 Rating
4.8 Rating

*QuickMD does not accept health insurance

We offer competitive cash-pay pricing, no waiting rooms or travel required.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose QuickMD for Online Addiction Treatment?

Daily Availability, Including Weekends.

On-Demand or Same-Day Appointments.

Certified Providers for Effective Treatment.

Affordable, Patient-Centric Care.

Telehealth Counseling with QuickMD

We understand that seeking counseling should be easy and stress-free. Our telehealth counseling services ensure that you can access professional support wherever you are. We’re here to listen and assist you on your recovery journey.

Getting Connected to Care:

Taking care of your mental well-being is essential, and we’re here to provide you with counseling services that prioritize your emotional health. Our platform connects you with licensed counselors who are dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges.

$45 for 30 minute session

*QuickMD does not accept health insurance

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Accessible Care At Anytime

QuickMD provides comprehensive high-quality care in 47 states while focusing on low cost care options. We want care to be accessible, affordable, and easy to obtain. Your community provider, available seven days a week, all from the comfort of your home!

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about telehealth counseling we get from patients

Our QuickMD counselors currently offer addiction treatment counseling (which works in conjunction with our MOUD program), and general individual counseling. 

No, our counselors are unable to prescribe medication. 

Yes, QuickMD providers can prescribe mental health medications where needed, as long as the medication is not a controlled substance (for example, we do not prescribe Adderall). To speak to a QuickMD provider, you can book an urgent care appointment here.