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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Ozempic (Wegovy) work for weight loss?

This medication is meant for obese patients, generally with a BMI of greater than 27.5. There are 4 large studies that all show that this medication is highly effective to achieve weight loss in people who are overweight. In a large study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Semaglutide (which is the active ingredient in both Wegovy and Ozempic) led to an average weight loss of about 15% of the body weight, which is average total weight loss of about 33.7 lbs.

A healthy diet and excercise are always preferred over medications. However, when serious attempts have been made to lose weight without success, medications can be considered, and can be highly beneficial for the health. However, please note that these weight loss medications should always be combined with a healthy diet and regular excercise.

How is Ozempic or Wegovy taken?

Wegovy is self-administered into the fat tissue by a pen injector once a week. The medication can be picked up at any pharmacy that carries it–just like any other medication and it does not have to be administed by a healthcare professional.

The injection itself is easy to do, but may cause some minimal pain or discomfort. Some of our patients prefer if a family member helps with the injection.

The dose depends on each person’s tolerance to the medication, but generally each month the medication dose will be increased, until a maintenance dose is achieved after 3 months.

The initial prescription is for 4-6 weeks. Each subsequent follow-up visit would assess if the dose is well enough tolerated to go to the next higher dosage for the next 4 weeks. The maximum maintence dose is usually achieved after 3-4 months.  At that time the provider would be able to send a prescription for 2 months at a time. The medication is taken for as long as it is beneficial to the patient, and can even be taken long-term to maintain the weight, if stopping the medication causes weight gain.

How much does it cost to get a prescription with QuickMD?

It only costs $75 per online consultation, which includes the prescription that will be sent to your pharmacy–no hidden fees. If you have insurance, you can submit the encounter summary and receipt to your insurer for reimbursement.

The prescription will have to generally be paid for by the patient at the pharmacy, since most insurance companies do not cover this medication for weight loss. The price of Ozempic is roughly around $900 per pen (~1 month) with coupon.

What does Ozempic or Wegovy cost?

Ozempic and Wegovy are new medications under patent and are therefore not yet available as a cheaper generic. And like most weight loss strategies (apart from dieting and excercising) are quite expensive. Some insurances may cover it, but many do not.

Both Ozempic and Wegovy contain the exact same medication called semaglutide. Wegovy pens can only be used once. Ozempic pens on the other side tend to have a higher dose and the injected amount can be adjusted and the pen can be used to inject multiple doses. This makes Ozempic genenrally more affordable. 

While both medications contain the same ingredients, only Wegovy has been officially approved by the FDA for weight loss. Yet, for cost reasons, oftentimes Ozempic is prescribed instead.

The cost of Wegovy is currently around 350 dollars per injection with a pharmacy coupon 

Ozempic is somewhat cheaper, at around half the price of Wegovy.

How long does it take until I can pick up the prescription from my pharmacy?

Shortly after your visit with our weight loss team, we will send an electronic prescription to your pharmacy of choice–generally this transmission is instant. Once received, most pharmacies will take roughly an hour to process the prescription and associate it with your pharmacy patient profile.

There is currently a Wegovy shortage; Ozempic tends to be more readily available at pharmacies. Some pharmacies may still need to order Ozempic, which may take several days on average. 

Please note that we are unable to verify beforehand which pharmacies have the medication in stock and which ones would have to order it.

Do I still need to watch my diet and excercise?

Absolutely! This medication is meant to aid traditional weight-loss efforts like dieting and excercise and should be taken in addition to a calory deficit diet and regular exercising. Please note, that dieting and excercising are always preferred for weight loss over taking medications. 

However, the reason this medication may still significantly benefit overweight patients who haved tried dieting and excercising is the fact that obesity has such harmful effects on the human body in the long-run.

What does the process look like to get a prescription through QuickMD?

The process is quick, simple and 100% private and confidential. Start by creating an account, then choose if you want to be called by the doctor or if prefer a video consultation.

The team will ask you a few questions and shortly after send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy of choice. If we cannot help you or you decide you do not want to proceed, your visit is free (just request a refund).

Will this be confidential and private?

Yes. Weight loss can be a sensitive topic. Everything you discuss with the weight loss team during the consultation will be 100% confidential. Our platform is encrypted and fully HIPAA-compliant and we never sell your information to third parties for profit. If you agree to communication by email for additional information, please note that emails are not always secure.

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